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Useless Ramblings of a Moody Frustrated Writer

I need to get my thoughts out. They drown my mind with uselessness. The pains of being female. I’m moody and I can’t stop crying. I have cramps so bad they go past my stomach, into my back down into my legs. I’m experiencing torrents of anger but no one to get angry at. I can’t get my life right. The wrong words are tumbling out and I don’t have control. I’m so tired. Partly because of my period but partly because I’m so tired. I hate that I can’t finish my homework because I spend my time going back and forth between sleeping and crying for hour.
and hours.
and hours.
“The sweetest sadness in your eyes” What’s so appealing about sadness? Is it the familiarity of it in the empty spaces. The quiet moments.
I’m getting tired of being at this school.
Too loud.
Too crowded.
Too bright.
Too harsh.
Too demanding.
So, I’m very ready to be done with this moodiness.
It’s really inconvenient.....
I’d write now but there’s still so much on my mind.
Words I can’t say.
I’m so done with this life.
It’s ridiculous.
Ok, maybe I’m just being over emotional again :/
See what mean.... moodiness...inconvenient

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i'm feeling that way right now -_-

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