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They pushed her to this
They had taken away everything from her
Her mother, her father, her life
They forced her to turn into who she was
As her stepsisters pushed her around
She plotted their demise
As her stepmother beat her
Till she could hardly stand
Then forced her to work till dawn
She plotted her stepmother
Slow, painful, and brutal death
Soon, she would think
Her face covered in cinders
Hands worn , aching bone
Her mind working
Planning, imagining
An upcoming ball
The prince’s ball
Her so called family left her behind
With a list of task
She had been prepared for this
Having traded herself for workers
Set off for the ball
First would be embarrassment
A huge display, embarrassing the royals
And her stepsisters
They’d be killed
Her stepmother’s death would follow
First she had to suffer child loss
Grief even deeper than a parentless child
Unfortunately as soon as Cinderella stepped into the room
The prince himself ruined her plans
He grabbed her roughly
And refused to let go
He whisked her away in the gardens
Tore off her clothes
Forced himself inside
She cried but dared not scream
For fear she would be killed
Hurt, angry, and vengeful
She went home
Her step-family unaware of her disastrous night
Soon the prince found her once again
Eager for more of her
She was forced into marriage
And waited patiently to be Queen
Before repaying the world for her agony
She brutally murdered the prince in his sleep
And framed her step-sisters
They were put to death
Her step-mother killing herself for having lost everything
Cinderella ruled over her kingdom cruelly
Killing thousands
Making everyone suffer
Till her last breath
Till her last moment
Killed by her own people
Just as her baby boy popped out
A baby that never even stood a chance

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i loved this!! its such a great twist on the story. what you did was it was amazing. i liked what you did with her and the prince its really cool.

hahaha ur welcome:)

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